Image of Queen of Hearts Necklace

Queen of Hearts Necklace


This piece is a statement necklace that could turn the heads of anyone in a crowd. The necklace is comprised of vintage components as well as floral cabochons. The cabochons are both red and are different sizes. To the left (in picture) of the main focal flower is a rhinestone vintage crown pin (a David crown pin) (research it - it's amazing!), displaying various colors. These crown pins are hard to find in the vintage or flea market world today and are a real gem! To the right (in picture) of the main focal flower is a vintage bug pin that resembles a bee, he is gold in color and has luminescent rhinestones throughout his wings. At the top of each side of the necklace is a matching pair of vintage clip on earrings in red, they also contain luminescent multicolored rhinestones as well that compliment the crown. The backing of all of these vintage elements has been removed to provide a more fluent and formatted look to the necklace, this allows the necklace to lay even on your chest and show off each piece evenly.

Thank you for looking! This is part of my spring collection for 2013 and I am very excited about it!

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